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From the Founder Desk

Dear Students,

I convey my heartiest congratulations to the entire teaching staff and students...

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Founder Desk

Ch. Brahm Singh Advocate

Basanti Devi Shiksha Samiti
Deoli, Bulandshahr

In Pursuit of Excellence

I convey my heartiest congratulations to the entire teaching staff and students of my college who made untiring efforts to organize successfully the national workshop on ”the Designing action Research to address the academic problems” held on 2,3 and 4 April,2011.The workshop on action research is quite a new word in hearing even for Ph. D holders. This is the innovative work that has been done by my staff members during these days. This is the career formation time for you. Arise! Awake! Stop not till the goal is reached. You are blessed to work hard in the pursuit of excellence.

There is the clarion call of revamp of education system in India. A meaningful, rational, relevant and scientific plus moral value based ’action plan has to be devised. As a matter of fact, entire education system from elementary education to higher education in India is at the cross roads. The inconsistent policies of the Center and states are leading to the mushrooming of educational institutions those are deteriorating the standard. Education is now provided by the newly established’ commercial outfits and education mafias’ and hence education has been considered as ‘commodity’ for trade.

When I was a student education was construed as the individual earning that couldn’t be divided among the kith and kin, stolen by thieves and snatched by anyone. Nowadays education can be earned by any means as the concept of education has changed. It is the unfortunate state through which education is passing. the quality of education depends upon high commitment and high competency of all the persons working in the education system.

I highly appreciate and admire my staff members and students who take initiatives to produce quality education and to enhance their standards.

With thanks and congratulation again.

Ch. Brahm Singh Advocate
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Ch.Brahm Singh, Advocate

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